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Organizing your root folder

Websites are comprised of more than just a single document. They are a series of files working together. These files are organized and maintained in our site's main folder we call the root folder.

An important thing to note about the root is that it must contain ALL of your site's files. You should never embed an image or link a CSS document that isn't stored in your root. As a general rule, always copy the files to your root first, before using them. Following this rule will save you from the headache of broken links and missing files.

By the same token, it is important to remove any work files that aren't being utilized in your site. For example, PSD, AI, IDD, TIF (uncompressed image format) are all work files you might use to create graphics for your site, but ultimately, they are not included in the final layout. Store these files elswhere, outside your root.

Here is an example of how you might organize your portfolio root:
Diagram of a CSS rule set


  • Only html files and folders are stored in the top level.
  • Images, CSS, and Javascript files are all organized into folders.
  • Images are organized as layout images (backgrounds, graphics, etc.) or gallery images.
  • Organizing your files this way will reduce clutter and keep your site lean for faster loading.

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