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Due date Assignment due
Week 2 / Jan 23 HTML Résumé
Mark up your completed résumé in HTML5. I'll be collecting your .html files at the beginning of class. Sample résumé we completed in class can be downloaded here.
Complete Lesson 1
Turn in finished html file at the beginning of next class.
Week 3 / Jan 30 Review the sample résumé from this week's class.
Finish styling your résumé with CSS.
Review lessons CSS Intro and Root Folder Intro.
Be prepared... there may be a quiz!
Week 4 / Feb 6 Sketches/Wireframes
Sketches AND wireframes for five different pages for your portfolio site.
Each page needs 4 thumbnail sketches plus one full-page wireframe. Use the 960grid sketch sheets from my pickup box or download them here.
For more information on the 960 grid system, or to see the grid samples, go to 960.gs
Week 5 / Feb 13 Mockups
Create 5 detailed mockups of your web pages using the 960 grid templates. These are to be done in Illustrator or Photoshop. Mockups must indicate your font choices, color schemes, placeholder images, backgrounds, etc...
Download sketch sheets here or at 960.gs
Week 6 / Feb 20 Week 5 SNOW DAY!
No new homework.
Week 7 / Feb 27 Slider Images
Create 5 original graphics for your slider.
→ Download S3 Slider
Complete the layout for at least one web page. Add all of your content, images, and text.
Week 8 / Mar 6 Lightbox
Set up Lightbox on at least one page of your site.
→ Lightbox 2.0
Finish setting up links within your navigation for the proposed pages of your site.
Be sure to use relative file paths, keep the page names all lower-case. No special characters except for hyphens or underscores.
Week 9 / Mar 13 Pages
Finish a minimum of three pages.
At this point, you must have your home page, about (bio) page, and at least one gallery page completed.
Your gallery must contain original images – no more placeholder images.
Next Week...
We will be creating your contact page and php mail forms.

See course syllabus for more information.

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